IoT Workshop

IEEE JUIT in association with GeeksLab is organizing a national level workshop on Internet of Things on 24-25 November, 2017.

Authorized certification in association with AIESEC IIT Delhi


₹900 IEEE member

₹1100 Non-IEEE member

During the workshop, participants will be taught how to:

#1: Integrate various types of sensors to gather real world data

#2: processing sensor input by gateway

#3: Forwarding processed info to cloud server (using different protocols, MQTT/HTTP with node.js Web-socket/mongoDB/BrokerDocker container Python) from anywhere, it can be accessed and commands can be given by end user.

#4: Forwarding commands back to gateways from where it can be used to control devices/things

Toolkits will be provided in a group of 5

Tool Kit Details :

- multiple ICs mounted Arduino Board with ATMega 328

Programming via boot loading through USB Port or 6-Pin ISP (In System Programming) cable.

Plug & Play device

Three ports available for user interface: PORTB, PORTC, PORTD

External Reset Switch

On board crystal oscillator of 16 MHz frequency

Two supply inputs: One through USB and Second through Adapter

On board 5 volt regulated power supply for the board and external peripherals

- Motor Driver mounted on Hardware board

- USB connecting cable for serial communication

- Relay Module for Arduino

- WiFi module

- Breadboard

- Various Sensors – Temperature/Humidity Sensor, Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), IR Sensor.

- Buzzer

- LEDs, Push Buttons

- male-male connected wires (jumper wires)

- Other required Tools and accessories etc.

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